Consultative Meeting of the Proposed Budget for AY 2017
Consultative Meeting of the Proposed Budget for AY 2017
The members of the ASCOT Faculty Association, Administration Association, Officers of the different Student Organizations, Scholars and other Stakeholders of the College convene for the conduct of the Consultative Meeting for the ASCOT Proposed Budget for Academic Year 2017 held today, March 04, 2016 at the ASCOT Covered Court, Zabali Campus, Baler, Aurora.

Dr. Oscar C. Barawid, Vice President for Administration and Planning Officer gave the opening remarks while Dr. Doracie B. Zoleta-Nantes, in her message emphasized the importance of the conduct of such agency consultations to gather feedback, inputs, suggestions and recommendations for the program developments and projects of the agency.

Dr. Oscar C. Barawid once again presented the ASCOT Proposed Budget for AY 2017 with the integration of the inputs from the pre-consultation meeting held last February 17, 2016 regarding the feasibility of the Proposed Budget.In addition to that, he also discussed the program plans of the administration regarding its upcoming projects and developments on the three campuses which includes the construction of different buildings necessary for the growing population and development of the College.

An open forum immediately followed in which several questions, comments and suggestions were raised and answered respectively. Also, representative from the different Departments also expressed their commendation for the well-presented program developments of the College.

Concluding the activity was a closing remarks from Dr. Gerardo S. Rillon, Chief Administrative Officer.