The School of Engineering (SoE) at the Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) was established in 1995 with six core faculty members: Engr. Edmundo Barros, Engr. Eduardo Buenaventura, Engr. Christopher Paladio, Engr. Ernesto Buisel, Engr. Marionito Buisel, and Mr. Dondi Bayudan. Initially offering programs in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Civil Engineering, the school had only 30 students. It operated temporarily within the premises of Baler Central School while ASCOT awaited the construction of its own building. Originally known as the Department of Engineering and Technology, the school grew and became the Department of Engineering in 2005. This growth continued, and in 2021, it officially transitioned into the School of Engineering. In 2022, the School of Engineering name was embraced as part of ASCOT’s journey towards university status. Recent years have seen significant growth, particularly since 2020 amidst the global pandemic. Many students chose to stay in their home provinces, resulting in a significant increase in enrollment, now exceeding 700 students. Faculty members and students have been actively engaged in research and extension activities, emphasizing their commitment to advancing knowledge and serving the community. Several faculty members hold doctoral and master’s degrees from abroad, contributing to the school’s academic excellence. Moreover, many students have passed board exams and actively participate in extracurricular activities and competitions, highlighting the vibrant and dynamic spirit of the school community. This underscores the school’s dedication to providing quality engineering education and fostering the overall development of its students.

Dean of the School of Engineering

Associate Professor V
Dean, School of Engineering

Deputy Dean:

Engr. Christopher S. Paladio
Assistant Professor II


Engr. Oscar C. Barawid Jr., PhD
Professor V

Engr. Amarlo A. Banania, Phd
Associate Professor V

Engr. Christopher S. Paladio
Assistant Professor III

Engr. Felix Paul C. Rabago
Instructor I

Engr. Jhun M. Jacinto
Instructor I

Engr. Richard R. Gutierrez
Instructor I

Engr. Raymond P. Dela Rosa
Instructor I

Ms. Keycee A. Tena
Administrative Aide III

Course Offered

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
*Major in Construction Engineering and Management