It has a torch that symbolizes enlightenment of the avowed vision and mission of the College for guidance and direction to all its instructional components.

Illuminations radiating from the torch represent the eight towns of the province of Aurora. This signifies the undying commitment of the College to provide education and training to its population and to uplift their living condition and improve the productivity of the province.

The book and the hand symbolize the thrust the College for a Relevant and timely learning from theory to practical skills and actual practice.

The soil represents the terrain of the Sierra Madre, a historically known landmark which holds the College in its cradle. The fertile ground of the mountain shows its richness, enabling the people of the province to become more productive and self—reliant.

The fish and the blue sea represent the abundance of the mouth of the Pacific which embraces the College with marine and aquatic resources.

The coconut fruit, the primary product of the province, symbolizes the unequivocal commitment of the College to pursue research and development activities to fulfill its immediate and long term needs for social and economic growth.

The gear symbolizes engineering and technology in accordance with technical and practical knowledge as one of the thrust of the College to equally produce skilled craftsmen for the economic and technological growth of the province.

The microscope and the atomic cell structure represent science and technology in consonance with the country’s programs improving scientific knowledge and technological expertise pursuance of the scientific advancement in the near future, the college is devoted to be the prime mover of development in the province.

The words – instruction, research and extension – represent the trilogy of function of the College with the general objectives of achieving academic excellence and improving the wellbeing of the rural communities in the Province through generation, verification and dissemination of scientific knowledge and technologies with emphasis on agriculture, forestry, fishery, trade and engineering for countryside agro-industrialization.

The symbols are enclosed in a circle of eight braided vines representing organizational cohesion built on dynamism and unity, flexible and responsive in meeting the demands of the times. (Section 7, ASCOT College Code)