Mandate, Mission & Vision


The State College shall primarily provide technical and professional training in the sciences, arts, teacher education, agriculture, engineering and technology as well as short-term vocational courses.  It shall likewise promote research, advanced studies and academic leadership in the stated areas of specialization. (Section 2 of RA7664)

RA7664 The law creating the Aurora State College of Technology



The Aurora State College of Technology, a Center of Excellence in Instruction, Research, Extension and Production in Asia.


Develop Aurora State College of Technology as:

  • A top ranking higher education in the sciences, arts, teacher education, agriculture, entrepreneurship, engineering and technology;
  • A fulcrum of interdisciplinary scientific, applied and development-oriented researches that leads to technological inventions and people-oriented programs that addresses poverty alleviation in host and partner communities;
  • An extension and training opportunities provider supporting entrepreneurial production programs that deliver socio-cultural empowerment and improve the quality of life of the people it serves;
  • An institution that upholds good governance and provides equal advancement opportunities for the people of Aurora neighboring provinces.

BOT Resolution No# 32, Series 2015


ASCOT commits itself to the development of its human resources, academic potentials, physical facilities and environment through the different stakeholders and linkages.


A center of development and excellence in higher education in Aurora and the larger community.


The effectiveness of the Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) as an institution of higher learning is measured by its contributions to the development of the rural people it serves.


Effective learning can only take place in an environment that nourishes learning and ASCOT is committed to keep pace with the changing environment by acquiring the latest technology and knowledge to retain its competitive edge and always remaining one step ahead towards Aurora’s development.