ASCOT General Education Building
ASCOT General Education Building

We often hear Filipino parents say to their children “Education is the heirloom that we can leave with you when we pass away; it’s the only thing that nobody can steal from you”. And they stand by their words. As a result, every parent does everything to send their children to school. We observed number of parents struggle enough just to educate their children. Based from their actions we could guess that on their minds they are telling their kids “Child, education is the only way out from our impoverished situation”. If one has a better financial status, the parents would still say “Education is definitely a powerful tool by which you can excel in whatever endeavor you choose to pursue in the future”.

However, getting education is a gruesome task not only for the children but also for the parents as well. To get this much coveted prize, it entails a lot of sacrifices from everyone. Ideally, every parent would want or prefer to send their kids in a big, high standard school. Some could afford it but sadly a bulk of Filipinos cannot. Then, were would this greater piece of less privileged ones would go? Should their aspiration for a bright future through an excellent education end at that instance, too?

In this circumstance, the government plays a very crucial role. Generally, neglecting all other negative predicaments, the government gives out an immense effort to educate the Filipinos at the least cost that the people will incur. Constantly, schools and colleges are built to facilitate learning. Professionals are sent all over the world to study and afterwards impart their learning to the Filipinos.

Although, if we will compare the education in the Philippines with what other countries especially the considered first world countries, we can see that there is a huge discrepancy. But still, we can see locally educated Filipinos soar with their respective international careers. There are countless Filipinos who are successful both here and abroad in their chosen careers after they persevered on earning their degrees.

Truly, everything comes with a price. But the reward afterwards is all worth it. Then, every child should listen to what their parents say. Students should work and persevere more rather than to complain, to cooperate instead to constitute to the problem. The government should give genuine service to the people. Self vested interests must not be prioritized at once.

If everyone will do their part, surely this bright future here in AURORA STATE COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY will not remain as an inspiration but a reachable success.