Aurora Province didn’t escape the wrath brought by typhoons Kabayan and Lando. After years of mismatching typhoon forecasts in the province, this time the PAGASA got it right, both typhoons have landed on the small province .

Typhoon Kabayan was responsible in the intense damages of the buildings in Aurora. Electric lines toppled and there has been a power outage for few days in northern part of Aurora. Damages are also very visible in Aurora State College of Technology after Kabayan unroofed portions of General Education Building. Huge branches fell on the roof of ICTC building allowing rain water to damage the com-puters of one laboratory. The rainfall was so strong that it was able to penetrate the ceilings and soak files of different offices.

Weeks later, it was Lando’s turn. Lando slammed the province for seven long hours. His strong winds and rains further intensified the damages brought by Kabayan and even smashed houses of several ascot employees. Classes has been affected after Lando penetrated into more than two computer laboratories and at least three class-rooms. But with the students, faculty and staff cooperating and showing their creativity to work around the situation, the college still manage to give the deliverables.

At least 6 employees were directly affected by typhoon Lando. One ended with total damage of her dear home. Some Employees residing central Aurora were affected by flood while others ended with damaged roof and uprooted crops.

While Baler and Maria received intense damages, Casiguran suffered even worse. Phone signal has been down for few days – no communication at all. The town took more than 2 weeks before having electricity services back while majority still suffer from brown outs.

The ASCOT College President, Dr. Doracie Zoleta- Nantes, has personally administered the gathering of reliefs and donations. Defying the roadblocks and strong winds , she together with ASCOT Faculty

spearheaded the distribution in Casiguran just days after the typhoon Lando.

Typhoon Kabayan devastated the province last October 2-4, 2015 and Lando, last October 18-20. As an effect of the typhoons, Enrol-ment this coming second semester sy 2015-2016 is expected to drop.