The Election of the ASCOT Faculty Association was conducted last September 1, 2022, at Accreditation Hall, ASCOT Zabali Campus, Baler, Aurora. They took an oath last September 12 during the Flag Raising Ceremony.

The rest of the newly elected officers are Vice President: Atty. Raquel R. Dujunco, CPA Secretary: Prof. Dina DC. Lim; Treasurer : Prof. Zenaida A. Exclamado; Auditor: Prof. Ricardo G. Gonzales, Jr.; PIO : Prof. Mark Rafael (Bazal); Mr. Joshua D. Dela Cruz (Zabali) Ms. Mancy M. Lota (Casiguran);Business Manager : Mr. Mark Vincent DT. Padilla (Bazal); Mr. Jay M. Amon (Zabali); Mr. Noriel T. Barangan (Casiguran)

As the newly elected president of ASCOT Faculty Association (AFA), Diaz said in an online interview that she is committed to representing the faculty members in matters which may affect the welfare of every faculty member. She hopes that ASCOT faculty members will remain vigilant and unified in addressing concerns through sharing ideas and suggestions and work tirelessly to achieve the College’s vision and mission.

Some of her immediate plans are to collaborate closely with other faculty regents of Region 3, especially about faculty interests; to work with the ASCOT Staff Association president regarding the ASCOT’s participation in the forthcoming Central Luzon SUCs Faculty and Staff Sports and Cultural Festival on December 1 to 3, 2022; to review the ASCOT Faculty manual, and to register the AFA to the Securities and Exchange Commission.