On August 29, information re: Smart Infocast was posted on the ASCOT Facebook page. Undergraduate students were encouraged to register and subscribe to the ASCOT’s Smart Infocast. This is to help the students track and get updates from the college via text message.

The steps were posted. The first step was to register: (Type) UNDERGRAD (space) REG (space) mobile number/Name/Course and send to 3444 2726 8. The second step was to subscribe: (text) UNDERGRAD PUSH ON and send to 7444 2726 8. The students have to maintain at least one peso balance to push through with the subscription. They were assured that once they are successful in registering and subscribing, all the messages from ASCOT are free.

This is one step in making it easier for the college to connect with students. This initiative is in partnership with Smart Communications.