ASCOT’s Sindayaw Performing Arts Guild, in collaboration with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), successfully concluded its project with a final performance titled ‘HANDOG: Mga Sayaw Alay sa Aurora’ across three different towns in the province. Showcasing a diverse array of dances, including Rural, Cordillera, Muslim, and Western-influenced performances, ASCOT’s socio-cultural group exhibited excellence in bringing these cultural expressions to life.

The local government units of Casiguran, Baler, and Dingalan, under the guidance of their municipal mayors, actively supported and hosted the events.

“What sets ‘Handog: Mga Sayaw Alay sa Aurora’ apart from our other concerts is the enthusiastic and engaged audience. Their reactions left us feeling satisfied and fulfilled with our performances.” – Zane I. Flora, Senior Member of ASCOT Sindayaw.
‘Handog’ made its initial appearances in Casiguran and Baler in December 2023 and recently concluded its final performance at Cabog Integrated School and Ibona National High School in the town of Dingalan on January 22, 2024.

“The project aimed not only to showcase the achievements of students in performing arts but also to share the beautiful and historic dances of the Philippines with the community in the province of Aurora. It is truly an honor to witness the unwavering support of the LGUs in Casiguran, Baler, and Dingalan toward our advocacy to enrich, continuously promote, and preserve the vibrant tapestry of our Philippine folk dances.” – Joshua D. Dela Cruz, Artistic Director, ASCOT Sindayaw.

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