One of the 4 precincts opened for the SCSC Election 2016
1 of the 4 precincts opened for the SCSC Election 2016

Election of Supreme College Student Council (SCSC) for SY 2016-2017 was successfully held last February 17,2016. Janus Valencia ended with a landslide win.

Two parties of aspiring student leaders were formed for the SCSC election 2016. The “Leaders Entrusted For True Service (LETS) Party” and the “Association of Students Aiming for Progress (ASAP) Party”. Janus Valencia, a senior Education student and a former SCSC Exec. Auditor, aspiring president, sprearheaded the LETS PARTY, while Paul Hernandez, an Engineering Student, led the ASAP Party.

Both parties were formally introduced to the students of ASCOT with series of meeting de avance. Meeting de Avance was held in Bazal Campus last Feb. 15, 2016 8 am, coinciding with the same event in Esteves Campus. The final campaign concluded in Zabali Campus last Feb 16, 2016, 4 pm. Each candidate from both parties was given opportunities to explain their plans and platforms. Extended time were also given to Janus and Paul to relay their comprehensive program. Finale of the event was an open forum that demonstrated a clash of plans and visions.

Feb 17, 2016 8:00 am marked the start of election. At the end of the day, 70% of 2335 student voters were able to cast their votes. One of the highest turn out in the history of SCSC elections. This is despite the removal of monetary fines from students who will not exercise their right to vote. Though students would be required to render mass work for One Day if they would not vote nor attend meeting de avance. The election ended exactly 1pm and the canvassing immediately followed.

Janus of LETS party emerged victorious over Paul with more than 500 votes! Coming from the same party, Czarina Angara got the students’ nod as EVP. Below is the list of Officers for SY 2016-2017 as officialy released by CEB.

Pres. Janus Valencia-LETS
Ex. Vice pres. Czarina Angara-LETS
Ex. Secretary: Aian Jay dela Torre- ASAP
Ex. Finance Secretary: Jessele Castrence- LETS
Ex. Auditor: Kerwin Bañas- LETS
Vpresident for Zabali mike patrick martinez-LETS
Katrina Lopez- ASAP
Ralph morillo-LETS
Vincent sollano-ASAP
Kim paolo alberto-ASAP
King bryan Orande-ASAP
Jeprey broñola-LETS

The SCSC are held every year to choose leaders that will represent studentry of ASCOT. They are entrusted to implement activities such as Acquaintance party, Intramurals and Foundation Day Celebration. They are also expected to plan and execute programs that will lead to the betterment of the college. On top of that, they work in partnership with the Office of Student Services in assisting the students with their transition from high school to college life.

This year’s SCSC election was made possible by the efforts of the members of the College Electoral Boards headed by Jomar Merciales.