Aiming to develop the capacity of faculty members, staff, and students on crafting a publishable research paper and equipping them with knowledge in publishing research papers in international journals, Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) through the Research and Development Services Office (RDSO) held a two-day webinar entitled “Training-Workshop on Research Publication in Web of Science (ISI) and Scopus (Elsevier) Indexed Journals”, March 18-19.

Explaining the importance of publishing a paper, Dr. Roel R. Suralta, Career Scientist II and Director of the Department of Agriculture- Crop Biotechnology Center, PhilRice, served as the resource speaker on the first day wherein he stressed that in research and development, findings are only valid once these have been reviewed by experts and have been published.

Moreover, Dr. Suralta also discussed the considerations that researchers must address before publication, such as selecting publishable topics, types of publishable manuscripts, identifying the appropriate audience of the research paper, and selecting the best journal for submission.

In addition, he also gave tips and points on how to write a publishable paper using the IMRAD format and shared his experience on how to recognize predatory journals.

On the other hand, the second day of the training-workshop was intended for writing publishable papers in Information Technology.

Discussing tips and techniques on how to write research papers related to the field of IT for publication and practice, Dr. Anna Liza A. Ramos, Administrator, Institute of Computer Studies of Saint Michael College of Laguna, discussed Writing Research Paper for Publication and Practice.

Dr. Ramos also shared with the participants her knowledge about the essential components of a capstone project, the standard outline of a technical paper, and writing the research manuscript using the IEEE and ACM format.

On the other hand, Dr. Larmie S. Feliscuzo, Head, Center for Robotics, E-learning and Technology Education of the Cebu Institute of Technology University, discussed the research tools and techniques used in writing a publishable paper.

Before the closing program of the two-day webinar, selected participants from the IT department presented their outputs showing their proposed researches for critiquing and evaluation from the Resource Speakers.