Research and Seminar for the development of Aurora
Research and Seminar for the development of Aurora

The Rural Empowerment Assistance and Development (READ) Foundation Incorporated in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Policy Center (APPC), conducted a research which aims to show the progress of the Aurora in the last decade and, to study on how to further alleviate the poverty in the province of Aurora and improve its current economic situation for sustainable rural development.

The study entitled Local Modalities that work: Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in the Province of Aurora was done through the initiative of Senator Edgardo J. Angara, and started in year 2010.

The research showed the challenges in the different sectors of the province. Health and Education, Infrastructure and Agriculture, and Environment and Tourism were among the sectors reviewed in the research.

The research also examined the effects of projects and programs done by the government to cater to the needs of the different sectors. Also, the research provided recommendations on how each project and program can be improved and help further in the growth of the Province

A strategic framework for development of Aurora was also presented in the study. According to the framework, there are four main strategies to ensure that the objectives of sustained growth are met.

First is to diversify the local economy, which includes Ecotourism, Agricultural diversification and rural industry. Second is to expand delivery and improve quality of services such as Health and nutrition, Education and social safety nets.

The third strategy is to address environmental vulnerability. This includes biodiversity preservation, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and disaster preparedness. The last strategy is to improve connectivity which includes the upgrade of road network, and IT and communications.

When this four strategies are materialized, according to the study, sustained growth of household and access to social services will be met, which will then increase the level of the general welfare of the people.

A seminar was recently held in Aurora Polytechnic College (APC) last March 1, 2013, which further discussed the findings of the research. Among the presenters of the study were Carlos Abad-Santos, Sharon Piza, and Sharon Fangonon who are all researchers from APPC.

Inputs were also given during the seminar, by the social development expert Dr. Rosemarie Edillon from the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA).

According to Dr. Edillon, what Aurora needs to do is have linkage with other developing province and invest in human capital. She also stressed that the province should always pursue inclusive growth or a collective growth.

Also present in the seminar were DENR Region 3 Director, Maximo Dichoso and DoT Region 3 Director Nepomuceno, who both shared their thoughts on the research and gave their inputs.

Among the participants in the seminar were the heads of different offices, institution, and departments in Aurora, including the ASCOT College President Dr. Eusebio V. Angara who presented the wrap up the seminar, as well as Local government offices. (CTOlivar)