Aiming to further improve the research knowledge and capability among the College’s faculty members, staff, and students; the Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT), through its Research and Development Services Office (RDSO), held a one-day virtual seminar about Research Ethics via Zoom, March 15.

Discussing the importance of adhering to the principles of Research Ethics, Professor Janet O. Saturno, Director of the Central Luzon State University (CLSU) Gender and Development Office, served as the Resource Person in the said webinar.

She talked about different topics such as ethical standards in conducting researches and the dos and don’ts in conducting other research studies in various fields.

In addition, her lecture also included the different ways of ethical conduct of researching topics connected to humans, plants, and animals that will make the study more responsive to the various increasing needs of the community.

Moreover, Professor Saturno also discussed writing a gender-responsive research proposal to make it more respectful and inclusive for all groups and sectors of people.

More than one hundred virtual participants, composed of faculty members, staff, and students from the College and even outside ASCOT, attended the virtual seminar.