The Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT), through the initiative of Research and Development Services Office (RDSO) headed by For. Maria Cristina B. Canada, Director, RSDO conducted a 4-day Seminar-Workshop on the Use of Statistical Software for Social and Experimental Researches through Zoom Application. The activity which was held last July 27-30, 2020. It was attended by the faculty and staff of ASCOT as well as students of the ASCOT Graduates Program.

Then said activity to let faculty and staff researchers familiarize the appropriate statistical tools to be used in social and experimental researches and to let faculty and staff researchers have hands-on experience with the use of statistical software for social and experimental researches. It also aims to equipped ASCOT faculty and staff with statistical skills that they can use especially for their researches.

Dr. Norberto E. Milla, Head of the Department of Statistics, Visayas State University served as the resource speaker for the 4-day activity. Dr. Milla said that imparting her knowledge to ASCOT faculty and staff is a great privilege for him. He also said that he is amazed by the perseverance of ASCOT do organized such activity even in this time of pandemic.