February 5, 2024- ASCOT’s 6th President, Dr. Renato G. Reyes, shared an optimistic perspective during his first flag ceremony at the ASCOT Zabali (Main) Campus.

“Tinititigan ko ang bawat isa at nakikita ko na bawat isa ay puno ng pagasa. Dapat lang ay punung-puno tayo ng pagasa para maharap natin ng maayos ang bukas”, expressed Pres. Reyes.

He outlined his strategic plans for ASCOT, highlighting the importance of establishing connections and partnerships with stakeholders from academia, non-government organizations, and the private sector. Encouraging productivity, he urged everyone, “There’s always time for everything. While waiting for that time, do something productive.”

The flag-raising ceremony was graced by the presence of Dionisio G. Alvindia, PhD., Director of the Philippine Center for Post-Harvest Development and Mechanization (Philmech), and Atty. Gian Carlo Bumanlag, both expressing their support for their colleague, President Reyes and his vision for ASCOT.