As part of the additional facilities in the ASCOT Casiguran Campus, the College President, Dr. Eutiquio L. Rotaquio, Jr., lead the inauguration and blessing of the newly-constructed Indigenous People Research Center at the Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) in the said campus, July 15.

Reverend Father Noel Valencia led the center’s blessing and was attended by some College officials, academic directors, faculty members, and staff.

Aiming to value, respect, and recognize the contribution of the province’s indigenous people’s groups, the development of the IP Research Center will also lead to the preservation and enrichment of IP tradition and culture through conducting different programs and researches focusing on their indigenous knowledge and practices.

In a Facebook post, President Rotaquio also emphasized the importance of being united to provide a better future and opportunities for the IPs of the province. As quoted from his post, he said; “Pag sama-sama, kayang-kaya para sa mga minahamal nating katutubo sa buong Aurora.”

This newly-built infrastructure shows the dedication of our College to provide the needed and essential facilities that will aid not only the faculty members and students but also all groups in the society, including our IP brothers and sisters, in all their needs and concerns, especially in various research endeavors.