In a brief span of five months, Ma’am Lora L. Yusi, DPA, has left an indelible mark as the Officer-in-Charge (OIC) College President of the Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT). Colleagues are expressing their heartfelt gratitude for her noteworthy contributions as she bids farewell to her current role.

Executive assistant, Geena Rose Avendano, reflecting on Ma’am Lora’s tenure, notes her meticulous approach to document procedures. She states, “Ma’am Lora is exceptionally strict with documents, very meticulous, yet remarkably considerate when it comes to family matters.” Lester Drew Dumandal, also from Office of the President, emphasizes Ma’am Lora’s impartiality when addressing problems, saying, “Ma’am Lora carefully listens to both sides when discussing issues; she doesn’t take sides hastily.”

Cynthia Macose values Ma’am Lora’s calm demeanor and inspiring leadership, especially as a female figure. She remarks, “Ma’am Lora, being a woman, remains calm and consistently encourages those around her.” Atty. Karl Olivar affectionately describes her as a favorite aunt, saying, “Ma’am Lora is like a favorite tita you always seek.” Sir Joseph acknowledges the uniqueness of Ma’am Lora’s appointment as an outsider in a position typically held by a Vice President.

Dr. Jay Amon eloquently captures Ma’am Lora’s essence, interpreting “LORA YUSI” as Lundayan (Sanctuary), Oportunidad (Opportunity), Regalo (Gift), Aral (Learning), Yakap (Embrace), Ugnayan (Connection), Susi (Key), and Inspirasyon (Inspiration).

In her farewell message, Ma’am Lora expresses gratitude for the brief yet impactful time spent at ASCOT, deeming it one of the best experiences of her life. She remains dedicated to ASCOT, harboring no regrets about her association with the institution. She envisions ASCOT reaching new heights and emphasizes the importance of happiness, helpfulness, and unity for the institution to thrive.

Encouraging innovation, creation, and connection as keys to success, Ma’am Lora underscores the significance of meaningful relationships within the ASCOT community. She warmly invites legislators to connect with ASCOT, emphasizing that greatness is a collaborative effort.

Stepping down from her role, Ma’am Lora urges everyone to focus on one direction: love. She believes that love will guide ASCOT through any challenges that may arise.

The send-off party to commemorate Ma’am Lora L. Yusi’s time as ASCOT’s OIC College President promises to be a heartfelt affair filled with appreciation for her dedication, wisdom, and positive influence on the ASCOT community.