Congratulations, Orange Predators! Overall champion in the recently concluded first ever ASCOT’s President’s Cup 2022, May 11-18, 2022.

The team which comprised of Department of Information Technology, ICTC, Public Information, Publication and Data Protection (PIPDPO), Student and Alumni Affairs and Services (SAAS), Department of Distance and Online Learning (DDOL) and Office of the Board Secretary, outranked 5 other teams championing several event matches; Table Tennis Singles A & B (Men), Table Tennis Doubles (Men), Chess (Men) Darts (Men), Darts (Women), Darts (Mixed) E-Sports (Mobile Legends), Word Factory, and the title for Mr. President’s Cup 2022, Mrs. President’s Cup 2022- 2nd Runner Up. The team garnered a total of 325 points from both individual and group games against Blue Phoenix, 322, and Gray Wolves, 312, who landed second and third, respectively.

The Blue Phoenix, composed of the Department of Arts and Sciences (DAS) and Department of Industrial Technology (BIT), also won firsts in several games; Volleyball (Men), Volleyball (Women), Chess (Women), Mr.& Mrs. President’s Cup, both were 1st Runners- Up.

Gray Wolves, on the other hand, with Engineering and Department of Agriculture and Aquatic Sciences (DAAS) as members, was unbeatable in Badminton (Men) and Badminton Doubles (both Men and Women), Dama (Men), Dama (Women), Table Tennis Single-A (Women), Darts (Women’s Double). Their representatives in Mr. & Mrs. President’s Cup 2022 landed 3rd and 4th Runners- Up.

The Green Vipers, at 4th on the overall ranking, dominated the Scrabble, Badminton Singles (Women), Table Tennis Singles B (Women), and Table Tennis Doubles (Women). The team was composed of the Education Department, IGP & Auxiliary Services, Department of Forestry, and ASCOT Coop.

White Tiger championed in Basketball Men. They also showed strength and placed second in most games like Scrabble and Darts Doubles (Women). The team also got the title for Mrs. President’s Cup 2022. Admin, Security Force, Motorpool/ PPSDO were the members of team White Tiger.

Yellow Jaguars from Office of the Vice President for Research, Innovation, Extension and Training, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Sentro ng Wikang Katutubo (SWK), Socio-Cultural Affairs, Supply Office, Library, and NSTP, still managed to place second on the following games: Basketball Men, Table Tennis Single-A (Men) and Badminton Doubles (Men) despite their other work activities.