ASCOT Zabali Campus in Baler, Aurora brightens up with the installation of fifty (50) Stand-Alone Solar-Powered LED Street Lights strategically set within the area of the campus.

The said project with an original Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) of ?5,823,860.70 should have actually been awarded to a winning lone bidder sometime in March 2020. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic that implemented the community quarantine, all construction projects were suspended by the government including the aforementioned. Consequently, it has effected the DBM to slash at least 35% of the budget allocation and the fund for the project was left with a reduced ABC of ?3,101,024.50. The HoPE thus declared the previous bidding a failure invoking RA 9184 Section 41. c) (iii) if the source of funds for the project has been withheld or reduced through no fault of the Procuring Entity.

College Engineer Jerome M. Galam, Architect Emil Nelius G. Sindac, Jr., and Project Engineers Rafael V. Ruyol, Gillianne M. Castillo, Abraham M. Nidoy, Raymond P. Dela Rosa and Regine Delos Santos, immediately made revisions to the original plan to correspond with the new ABC. Also, the new project is concentrated at Zabali Campus while another project is scheduled for Bazal and Casiguran Campuses.
A bidding with the new ABC was conducted on June 30, 2020 and then again on September 16, 2020, participated by two (2) bidders but it was declared a failure. A negotiation was made with interested bidders and in the BAC-TWG’s evaluation CONRADO B. BAUTISTA CONST. & SUPPLY CORPORATION was declared to have the lowest calculated responsive bid and was awarded the project at a contract price of ?2,486,002.81. The installation of the Stand-Alone Solar-Powered LED Street Lights is now completed.

The same project intended for Bazal and Casiguran Campuses is now on its procurement stage.