Thirty six out of forty eight incoming BSIT third year students successfully passed the Qualifying Examination administered by the Department of Information Technology last May 2013.The exam was composed of written and hands-on examination that covers all IT subjects offered in the first two years of the course.

The examinees went through a series of multiple and hands on performance-based questions in computer fundamentals and productivity applications, and practical examinations in hardware, networking, PC troubleshooting and programming languages such as Turbo C, Visual Basic and HTML.

The said qualifying written and hands-on competency exam is a prerequisite for the students to continue their Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree otherwise failing the said examination will only allow them to enroll General Education subjects offered in the third and fourth year of the program as irregular students.

Meanwhile forty six of them are now Computer Hardware Servicing National Certificate II (NC II) holder after passing the integrated competency assessment held last May 14-17(First Batch) and May 31-June 2(Second Batch) administered by Mr. Jerome Lopez, TESDA Assessor.

1. Abion, Dale Lyko Valiente ***
2. Adanza, Justin Joe Carl Vargas ***
3. Alinas, Romnick C.
4. Amazona, John Kevin B.
5. Angara, Mary Ann Nuñez ***
6. Apolinar, Lailanie M.
7. Asuncion, Dianna Rose G.
8. Basco, Fredirick Rapisora ***
9. Bautista, Eugene Isaguirre ***
10. Bihasa, Charla Jane Anulacion ***
11. Bihasa, Mark Virgil Burce ***
12. Buenconsejo, Rose Ann Libed ***
13. Caanawan, Mark Joseph O.
14. Carrasco, Diane Valenzuela ***
15. Cordial, Alyssa Marie Lumasac ***
16. Dancel, Noime L.
17. Dela Torre, Felicar Beltran ***
18. Gallegos, Mae Jenine Hernandez ***
19. Garcia, Myra Alberto ***
20. Gregorio, Gerlie Gandecila ***
21. Hermogenes, Christian Loren Molina ***
22. Jallorina, Michelle Metante ***
23. Juatco, Rhon Jordan Liveste ***
24. Laeno, Carla Luz Postor ***
25. Lapada, Babylyn Palacay ***
26. Lozano, Michelle Villar ***
27. Marcelo, Naddan Luis Cervantes ***
28. Morada, Eliza Reynon ***
29. Morfe, Samboy Lim Oligario ***
30. Nidoy, Ailyn S.
31. Ortomio, Liezel G.
32. Padilla, Andrean May Acosta ***
33. Padua, Junmhar Ligaspe ***
34. Parong, Daniel Jr. Cada ***
35. Parumog, Errol Castillo ***
36. Poblete, Ronalyn Dueñas ***
37. Prepose, Rubilyn Morada ***
38. Quibuyen, Reymark Reyes ***
39. Ruzol, Benjie Lauriano ***
40. Saavedra, Queeny Hiñosa ***
41. Sermonia, Romar Pelayo ***
42. Tablazon, Mhilver D.
43. Taroma, Evangeline A.
44. Valdez, Cristine Bihasa ***
45. Victorio, Cheska Cate Pantalunan ***
46. Viloria, Annawerda Mae Simon ***

***BSIT Qualifying Examination Passers