The guidance counselor of our college, Ma’am Alma S. Bayudan, Ph.D., organized a webinar titled–Proper Etiquette using Social Media. The Student Affairs and Services Director, Sir Von Gerald D. Macose, MIT, was the resource speaker. The webinar was on August 27 and lasted roughly an hour.

Our Vice President for Academic Affairs, Ma’am Evi Q. Fontanos, Ph.D., and our college president, Sir Eutiquio L. Rotaquio Jr., Ph.D., gave opening remarks. They commended this initiative since it is timely and relevant to our context.

According to Ma’am Alma, the three objectives of the webinar are as follows:
(1) to orient students regarding matters relating to good manners, proper etiquette, and communication;
(2) to provide information about the dos and don’ts when using social media; and
(3) to provide tips regarding conduct and values to avoid embarrassing situations.

She then proceeds to introduce the resource speaker, Sir Von. Sir Von gave an insightful talk about the proper etiquette of using social media. He emphasized being human, humane even if we are all only interacting online. His speech was not only for students but also for teachers and the general public.

The participants received e-certificates after they evaluated the webinar via a google form.