Teenage pregnancy is one of the global burden especially in the Philippines ever since. Those girls who aged 15-19 years old who get pregnant is considered as Teenage Pregnancy. The factors which influenced adolescents to engage in early pregnancy are unsafe sex, peer pressure, substance misuse, school dropouts, bad school performance in school and low family income (Tsai and Wong, 2003).

The ASCOT Guidance and Counseling Office headed by Dr. Alma Bayudan, Guidance Counselor III, together with Ms. Lara Tereza Arcillas, Instructor-Department of Arts and Sciences and Ms. Laureen Villanuevaa, Staff-Guidance Office organized a webinar entitled “Handa na ba Ako: Webinar on Teenage Pregnancy Prevention,” last October 30, 2020 via Facebook Live. The objective of this webinar is to enable students to become aware of sexual health education to prevent unplanned pregnancies and to let them understand the importance of completing their education and achieving stability before starting a family and avoid the different factors which influenced adolescents to engage in early pregnancy or unsafe sex.

A total of 410 participants watched and evaluated this activity during the premiere time. Dr. Marilyn R. Gante-Escoto, College Physician of ASCOT and a Medical Specialist from Aurora Memorial Hospital served as the Guest Speaker of the webinar.