With the theme, “Nurturing the Mind, the Heart, and the Body in Achieving Excellence and Holistic Development of ASCOT Young Professionals” the ASCOT graduates studies students  find a day of their own to bond and learn with each other. This time outside of the 4 corner of their rooms.

Last August 20, 2016 the students and faculty of Graduate Studies Department gathered in the ASCOT gymnasium for a Seminar on Leadership and Values Formation – “Social Transformation through ASCOT Young Professionals as Leaders of the Future with a Passion to Service”

Headed by Graduates Students Organization sets of officers the department came up with the idea of taking a breather from their acads for a timely reflection, refresher and reorganization. It is known that this season of the year is where different departments of the college held their sports fest and team building activities.

The event was officially started by an opening talk from Dr.Shirley N. San Pedro, followed up by an inspirational talk from the college vice president for academic affairs, Dr. Ma Luz F. Cabatan.
Highlighting the program is a talk from no less than the president of the college, Doracie B. Zoleta-Nantes. Heart ad soul of her talk is leadership, giving strong emphasis on integrity and passion. On the other hand, Rev.Fr. Baltazar Ronato talked about Values Formation that is very timely and relatable to the participants. The event was concluded by a closing remarks from Dr.Rowel G. Olila following the awarding of Certificates.

While the college is trying its best to provide the best teaching facilities and inject modern approach in its academic strategies, the continues effort is also there to equip students and faculty with insights that are sometimes not found in the 4 corner enclosure of the classroom. The goal continues to pursue holistic human transformation for the young professional of Aurora.