ASCOT Students  together with the Young Volunteers of the FREEDOM Caravan
ASCOT Students together with the Young Volunteers of the FREEDOM Caravan
A group of young volunteers visited ASCOT with the goal of igniting the patriotism and volunteerism within the students of the college. In a more specific objective, the group targets to encourage the students to take steps in protecting our motherland peace and sovereignty.

The one-day event is highlighted by speeches and testimonies from the visitors, who come from different walks of life – students, young professional, and youth leaders. They discussed the history of territorial dispute and the status of the case. There were also testimonies and encouragement that each individual may take to contribute in the case and even in the growth of the Philippines as a whole.

“This is not just about the Scarborough, nor just the Kalayaan islands, but this is also about the security of our generation and the generations to come.”- Mariel Ipan

Freedom Caravan is part of “Kalayaan Atin Ito Movement!” which is divided in multiple phases. The different phases showcase different activities that will be heading to a grand event to be held Nov 30, 2015 where the International Tribunal for the Law of the Seas (ITLOS) is bound to give its decision. Finale’ will be a mass gathering of different participants from all the provinces of the country. Each province will have one boat to represent, capable of navigating in the different islands in Pawalan regions including the controversial Kalayaan grp of islands.

For more information please visit this site “Kalayaan Atin Ito Movement!”