First Magna Cum Laude in ASCOT
ASCOT’s first Magna Cum Laude

The 20-year-old BSED student from Baler lead this year’s batch of graduates as ASCOT’s first Magna Cum Laude.

Born to a poor family in Baler, Paul Alvin had to help his mother in selling fish at a young age in order to earn few pesos for their daily allowance. In his remarks during the Commencement Exercises, he mentioned that he entered college with no assurance but full of hopes and aspirations. He managed to make use of his life’s challenges as motivation not just to succeed but to be always on top. Fortunately, Paul Alvin managed to be chosen as one of the beneficiaries of the Doña Juana J. Angara Foundation scholarship program.

Facelo was a testament that with faith and hard Work, nothing is impossible and there is no such thing as a dream that’s too big.

He now prepares for the October Licensure Examination for Teachers to be a Professional Teacher.

The honor roll for Batch 2013 includes 18 Cum Laude and 4 With Honors.

Paul Alvin D. Facelo Magna Cum Laude, BSED-Fil

Acosta, Leonardo C. Cum Laude, BSED-Bio
Amoyon, Ival L. Cum Laude, BSTRM
Balanag, Glenn S. Cum Laude, BSED-Engl
Berber, Grace Marjorie Cum Laude, BSIT
Cajucom, Krystalyn C. Cum Laude, BSTRM
Cayat, Bryan A. Cum Laude, BSED-Fil
Curitana, Jenilyn Joy T. Cum Laude, BSED-Engl
Espinosa, Melissa S. Cum Laude, BSED-Fil
Gonzales, Camille Melody O. Cum Laude, BSTRM
Gonzales, Ezra Jane R. Cum Laude, BSF
Hapita, Rommel B. Cum Laude, BSED-Fil
Macalinao, Abegail B. Cum Laude, BEED
Marigmen, Gwen Jenel P. Cum Laude, BSTRM
Mercado, Christina R. Cum Laude, BEED
Riqueron, Daphine Klaire G. Cum Laude, BSHRM
Sollano, Arlynne Joy B. Cum Laude, BSED-Fil
Ulalan, Edver Joyce L. Cum Laude, BSED-Engl
Villasin, Riza B. Cum Laude, BSTRM

Marquez, Cristina C. With Honors, BIT-FT
Morillo, Rica L. With Honors, BSCE
Picart, Rogelio Jr. R. With Honors, BSA
Valenzuela, Merry Joy M. With Honors, BSF

Moreover, special recognition is also awarded to Jessica L. Cortez (Leadership Awardee) and Eddtone Bobb L. Lumasac (Athlete of the Year).(CPanlilio)