extension Aiming to improve the competence and proficiency of Aurora State College of Technology employees, Mrs. Cynthia D. Macose, Extension Coordinator for Graduate studies, initiated the “Training and Professional Development”. A FREE four day training, dated March 8, 15,22 and 29, 2014, that aims to provide a refresher class for Math and English.

Primary target of this event are the employees and students of Aurora State College of Technology . Mrs. Macose believed that the modified behavior and skills will contribute to the attainment of the organization’s goals and objectives, while also preparing them to perform in positions of greater difficulty and responsibility.

Specific objectives of the training are, 1. Better performance of personnel in the organization where they belong; 2.Upgrade/update their skills and knowledge through the betterment of the organization, 3.make them qualify to their present or future position.

This initial activity will also serve as an indicator for the future programs of the extension department as Dr.Eduardo F. Macose (Director, Extension Department) envisions to widen the program; welcoming participants from other offices and organizations from the entire province.

The training facilitated by Extension Coordinators Nova and Cynthia Macose is situated at the Audio-Visual Room of the newly constructed IT building. The lecturers are Engr. Mayreen V. Amazona and Mrs. Arceli Bitancor for Mathematics and English subjects respectively.