The Engineering Department holds its first ever Engineering Peace Camp 2020 on February 20-22, 2020 with the theme “Buidling a Better Future of Engineering Students to Strengthening their Capabilities and Recognizing their Talents” at ASCOT Bazal Campus, Maria, Aurora, Aurora.

The aim of this activity is to strengthen the Engineering Department Services in terms of instruction, research, extension and production. The three-day activity will cover the four pillars of ASCOT by inviting resource speakers from the College to disseminate the new vision and mission. Also, it will showcse the students’ strengths, talents, and capabilities through different programs.

Different activities were laid down for the students to enjoy such as Team Building, Music Jam, GAD Training/Seminar, Quiz Bee (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Current Events), Spelling Bee, Do Card Competition, Socialization and Endurance Test. The Camp was attended by Engineering students’ coming from different programs such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineerin and Civil Engineering. The faculty and staff distributed waivers to students for the signing of their respective parents/guardians whereas students without waivers are not allowed to join the camp.

– Rona Jane Cacanindin