Mr. and Miss ASCOT 2015
Mr. and Miss ASCOT 2015
The 1st day of ASCOT College Week was concluded with a most-awaited Pageant – the Search for Mr. and Miss ASCOT 2015.It was indeed a night of glamour and beauty with each department send-ing their most gorgeous pair of candidates to make a run for the prestige title.

The pre-pageant started 2:30 pm where VTRs of the official candidates in their swim wear attire was played. Not only D2mabo Digital (the official videographer/photographer) was able to showcase the beauty of the candidates in their presentation but also the beauty of Dicasalarin, where the shooting was held. The board selected Mr BIT and Miss Education as Mr and Miss Photogenic.

Different talents were also showcased later in the night, with Miss BIT winning Best in Talent after playing beat box while singing, and Mr Engineering, after his wonderful singing that left the audience in awe.

Entering the Second phase of the competition, top 3 pairs was selected. EDUC, BIT and BSIT for female, and BIT, EDUC and ENGG for male, composed the final 3 pairs.

After slaying the QnA of the final round , Miss Katrina Lopez of Education Department went on to win the title as Miss ASCOT 2015. A back-toback win for Education department, with Cyrhill Renn Querijero bagging the prestigious crown last year. Pairing her as Mr. ASCOT 2015 is Mr.Alvin S. Pragio of BIT Department earning the crown from last year’s winner, Engineering Department.

The program ended 10 pm declaring Princess Ann P. Escuadro (BSIT) and Noel A. Manzano (eng’g) as 1st runner up winners and Miss Dizza May Macalinao (BIT) and Mr. Joshua Clay Serafines as 2nd runner up winners.