The Department of Arts and Sciences held a virtual orientation for Hospitality and Tourism Management students last September 28. Director Zenaida A. Exclamado gave the welcome remarks. Director Exclamado introduced the Department.

Student Affairs and Services Director Von Gerald Macose, introduced the Student Affairs and Services. He shared how his office can help students struggling financially by offering scholarships and linking them to organizations providing scholarships. The goal of this is to alleviate the financial struggle of some students.

Guidance Counselor Alma S. Bayudan, Ph.D., gave an overview of the services offered by the guidance and counseling office. She emphasized that the students need not fear going to the guidance office. This is because it is more than just a place where “delinquents” get sent. It is a safe space where students can get guidance and counseling services. She gave the number of the office, e-mail, and Facebook account. These are means to reach the office and get guidance and counseling services despite the pandemic.

The faculty for the first semester of S.Y. 2021-2022 was introduced. This is to ensure that the students know their instructors and professors. The name, picture, educational background, and the subject currently handled by the faculty were included.

Sir Jeffrey S.Susada proceeds to discuss the admission and retention policies for the degree programs in the Department.

The last part of the virtual orientation was the introduction of the Hospitality Management Society. Its president, Ms. Mikee Noche introduced the organization and encouraged the students to join.