DBM Region III Director, Isabel C. Taguinod, has approved the request of College President Eutiquio L. Rotaquio, Jr., that he be given the authority to grant Representation and Travel Allowance (RATA) to ASCOT personnel who were designated to the following positions:

  1. Director for Graduate Studies Program – For. RB J. Gallego
  2. Director for Student Affairs Services – Mr. Von Gerald D. Macose
  3. Director for Arts and Sciences Program – Prof. Zenaida A. Exclamado

In her letter reply, Director Taguinod cited that the requested officials are among the personnel/officials of State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) who are entitled to receive the monthly RATA based on Item No. 4.0 of the National Budget Circular No. 404 dated March 29, 1989.

Moreover, it was specified in her letter dated March 6, 2020 that the payment of their reimbursable RATA is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The Designated Head of Student Affairs Services, provided the SUC should have at least 4,000 collegiate enrolled.
  2. The Department Head of Arts and Sciences Program, provided there is a certification from the Commission on Higher Education that the said department/college has at least four (4) degree programs with each program differentiated from each other by 33%.
  3. The Designated Head of the Graduate Program could be equated to position higher than chief of division.

With this, the College acknowledges DBM-R3’s unwavering support to the endeavors of its new College President. – Araceli Bitancor