May 14, 2024- ASCOT President Renato G. Reyes recently engaged in a productive dialogue with key officials from the DepEd Schools Division Office – Aurora. The meeting included Dr. Erleo T. Villaros, OIC Assistant Schools Division Superintendent; Dr. Alfredo M. Lopez, Jr., Senior Education Program Specialist; and Armando Bihasa, Education Program Specialist.

Their discussion focused on the ongoing extension program between ASCOT and DepEd-Aurora. Both parties explored innovative ways to enhance this collaboration, aiming to maximize benefits for the broader educational community. The dialogue also included a brief but insightful discussion on the new Matatag Curriculum and its potential implications. Additionally, they emphasized the importance of professional development for faculty members, learners, and parents, underscoring the need for continuous growth and learning among all stakeholders.

This continued collaboration highlights the commitment of both ASCOT and DepEd-Aurora to fostering educational excellence and supporting the community’s development through shared initiatives and strategic partnerships.