This year’s opening of classes was greeted with utmost energy as the Administration arranged for an orientation last June 27, 2011, which was attended by all the faculty members, both contract of services and permanent. Dr. Virgilio M. Panapanaan of Lappeenrantha University of Technology, Finland delivered the keynote speech, which was also the theme
of the event: “Sustainability Education and Change: Where Do We Go?”. He stressed out that the principles of daily living which are ethics, integrity, responsibility, respect to laws and rules and of rights of others should be manifested in an educational institution like ASCOT, in order to fully implement its goals, realize its missions and visions, and of devotionally serving its purpose.

Four members of faculty, Dr. Eriberto C. Rivera, Prof. Lolita H. Dela Cruz, Dr. Oscar T. Vallejo and Prof. Jocelyn H. Diaz, also shared valuable knowledge as they discussed the topic, The Art of Questioning, The Role of a Modern Teacher, Research and Extension in Education and Teaching Strategies and Innovation, respectively.

Dr. Eusebio V. Angara, ASCOT President, delivered the subject matter, Test Construction, and Mrs. Maria Lucia A. Ramos, Human Resource Development Officer discussed on the Rules and Policies for ASCOT Faculty.

These enriching topics, along with the strengthening effects of being associated with colleagues aims to liven up ASCOT instructors into doing their part as educators.