The CLAARRDEC Joint RRDCC and Expert’s Pool, 2nd Quarter Meeting, was successfully hosted by the Aurora State College of Technology at Punta Baler Hotel on June 2, 2023.

Representatives from Region III’s SUCs and funding agencies were present at the meeting. Notably, the event also marked the turnover of CLAARRDEC-RRDCC leadership from the outgoing Chair, Dr. Gregorio J. Rodis (former President of BPSU), to the newly appointed Chair, Dr. Edgar A. Orden, President of CLSU. As a gesture of appreciation, the outgoing RRDCC Chair was presented with a plaque of recognition.

Following the opening program, the meeting delved into various agenda items. Highlights included the monitoring of PCAAARD R&D programs and projects and the upgrading of ICT equipment at selected CMIs. Additionally, a seminar-workshop on translating gender research and development results into publishable form was part of the new capability-building activity.

In an interview, the newly appointed chairperson, Dr. Edgar Orden, expressed his enthusiasm for the role, stating, “First of all, we accepted the challenge, the designation of being the new head of RRDCC. We are looking forward to a more aggressive consortium when it comes to our research agenda. Since we are seeking the commercialization of research outputs and products, these are the areas we will prioritize. Let’s establish a unified course of action for the commercialization of products, in line with the mandates of two funding agencies such as PCAARRD and DA. We eagerly anticipate well-packaged proposals that will advance the commercialization of research-generated products. We also look forward to participating once again in the next betting for the UGNAYAN Award. Above all, we emphasize the importance of a more collaborative approach and establishing stronger linkages.”