Despite growing up in a penurious family, Darwin L. Magtangob, managed to be a consistent honor student and an active student leader from pre-school up to his tertiary education.

Darwin Lopez Magtangob Cum Laude
Darwin Lopez Magtangob
Cum Laude

He is a native of Brgy. Diagyan, Dilasag, Aurora and the youngest son in the brood of five of Mr. Romualdo S. Magtangob and Mrs. Emelita M. Lopez. He grew up in a family full of love, understanding and care. Since his home is eight hours away from the Campus, Darwin had to endure nights without his parents and siblings on his side. He seldom went home and instead spent his time reading and studying his lessons inside his rented room while his parents make every effort to find all the means to support his studies.

His road to success was never easy, he had crossed the rivers of hardship, criticized for his gender preference and often downed because of their economic status, but nonetheless, these harsh circumstances didn’t stop him from getting the education he wanted for himself and for his family because today, April 15, 2016, he will finally bring his dreams into fruition as he will not only be receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education but will also be graduating on top of his class as Cum Laude.