Day two of the Sound and Audio Post-Production and Basic Film Making Workshop focused on the intricacies of sound editing, design, and post-production in filmmaking, April 22-23, 2024, ASCOT Accreditation Hall.

Led by award-winning sound engineer Ronald De Asis, experienced Production Designer, Art Director, and Film Director Rommel “Metz” Espinosa, and seasoned film post production producer, Carmela E. De Asis, the session offered participants valuable insights into the technical aspects of the craft.

During the afternoon session, practical workshops were conducted, with Mr. Espinosa showing a real time scenario of video production, and Mr. De Asis demonstrating the process of sound design using ProTools software. Participants also had the opportunity to showcase their work through video presentations, receiving constructive critiques aimed at enhancing their skills.

This two-day workshop provided 42 ASCOT students, faculty and staff with valuable insights into the art of film production. It continues to serve as a platform for aspiring filmmakers and audio enthusiasts to broaden their knowledge and expertise in the field.