ASCOT’s New Registered Civil Engineers


ASCOT has once again produced sixteen new Civil Engineers from the result of the November 11-12, 2017 Civil Engineering Board Examination. The College registers 48.48% with 16 passers out of 33 takers in the Civil Engineering Board Examination held last November 11-12, 2017.

Kudos to the new Civil Engineers from ASCOT!

Engr. Marianne Joy Banania Bitong
Engr. Gillianne Marquez Castillo
Engr. Winlove Agbuya Esteves
Engr. Nelissa Cacanindin Flores
Engr. Jewel Francisco Lapig
Engr. Rastie Estimada Marzan
Engr. Max Cyrus Parale Mila
Engr. Rose Ann Reyes Morillo
Engr. Kevin Dexter Marzan Peneyra
Engr. Jay Angelo Reopta Raquiño
Engr. Ella May Gayla Ruiz
Engr. Ginalyn Ganarial Sumait
Engr. Dexter Deloa Tandoy
Engr. Jim Boy Gusilatar Valenzuela
Engr. Aries Valenzuela Valiente
Engr. Jessica Pagaduan Vargas

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