The concluding day of the ASCOT Strategic Planning Cum Capacity Enhancement on the RA9184 event proved to be exceptionally fruitful as ASCOT OIC President Yusi orchestrated a visit to Don Honorio Ventura State University (DHVSU) for a benchmarking session on government procurement and a captivating campus tour, showcasing DHVSU’s architectural designs and historical development.

Welcomed by DHVSU’s President, Dr. Enrique G. Baking, ASCOT participants were treated to an enlightening exploration of DHVSU’s best practices and witnessed the distinctive architectural identity of the entire campus.

The afternoon session, guided by Ma’am Yusi, was no ordinary wrap-up. It commenced with a heartwarming slideshow of captured moments during the 3 day sessions, followed by an awarding ceremony recognizing outstanding participants, including the “Bida award” for the most active participants. The atmosphere took a reflective turn as the lights dimmed, candles were lit, and attendees harmoniously sang soulful songs such as “Heal the World” and “If We Hold On Together.” A palpable sense of gratitude filled the air as colleagues exchanged hugs, symbolizing their appreciation for the collaborative efforts.

The event concluded on a lighter note with discussions on the forward agenda and next steps, culminating in a spirited unity dance that resonated with the lively energy of the entire gathering.

With a memorable and enriching experience, the strategic planning event came to an end around 3 pm, leaving participants with valuable insights and a sense of unity and accomplishment.