Day 2 of the Strategic Planning Cum Capacity Enhancement on the RA 9184 featured an impactful talk by Engr. Adonis P. Adornado, fondly known as Engr. Ado, titled “Para Kanino Ka Bumabangon?,” followed by insightful participant presentations.

Engr. Ado underscored the significance of strategic planning, emphasizing its role in fostering not just survival but meaningful growth. He introduced the “STRAT PLANNING 3,2,1” approach, highlighting crucial steps such as starting with the end, conducting self-assessment, and bridging the gap between current and future goals.

Key Principles for Successful Strategic Planning were outlined, covering the importance of defining a clear vision and mission, conducting SWOT analysis, setting SMART objectives, involving stakeholders, and relying on reliable data. Engr. Ado emphasized the need for strong leadership commitment, continuous monitoring, and active employee engagement.

An important takeaway was the emphasis on refining and improving strategic plans over time, involving staying open to feedback, learning from experiences, and recognizing the impact of organizational culture. Engr. Ado encouraged organizations, particularly ASCOT, to embrace the learning zone for sustainable growth. Engr. Ado reiterated the necessity for solid plans to be accompanied by robust implementation.

The talk concluded with Ma’am Lora Yusi’s powerful statement, “LET THE LIGHT SHINE IN ASCOT,” suggesting that the next presidency holds opportunities for the college.
In summary, the seminar highlighted the compass-like role of strategic planning for organizations, echoing the question, “Para kanino ka bumabangon?” ASCOT as an organziation was urged to apply the outlined principles for a purposeful and impactful future.

The Strategic Planning Cum Capacity Enhancement on the RA 9184, held at Nuan Farm & Resort in Bacolor, Pampanga, from November 15-17, 2023, witnessed active participation from ASCOT’s Key College Officials, Academic and Administrative heads.