During the “PALS CON 2024: Integrity 2.0: Navigating the Future of Legal Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence,” Attorney Rocky Dujunco, CPA, ASCOT’s College of Law Dean, presented on “The Future of Legal Education: Responsive and Innovative.”
Addressing a diverse audience of legal scholars and educators, Attorney Rocky focused her talk on the importance of information accessibility in modern legal education. She noted the wealth of digital resources available to students but stressed the need for honing curation skills to effectively navigate these resources.
Additionally, Attorney Rocky emphasized the significance of improving typing proficiency, especially given the rise of computerized formats in bar exams. Her practical approach resonated with attendees, who recognized the importance of adapting to technological advancements in the legal field.
Moreover, Attorney Rocky discussed the implementation of tailored specialized tracks based on students’ backgrounds. Drawing from ASCOT’s student demographics, she suggested offering elective courses related to government and public administration to provide students with relevant practical skills aligned with their career paths.
Attorney Karl T. Olivar, Attorney IV, was among the ASCOT attendees, showcasing the college’s commitment to shaping the future of legal education.
Hosted by the Philippine Association of Law Schools, PALS CON 2024 facilitated collaboration among legal experts to exchange ideas and strategies. The event, held at Cagayan de Oro City’s Limketkai Luxe Hotel from February 8 to 10, provided an ideal setting for advancing legal education in response to contemporary challenges and opportunities.