In April 2021, the first community pantry emerged in Maginhawa Sreet, Quezon City. It started as a project by a concerned citizen, Ms. Ana Patricia Non. Its goal is to extend help to those taking the brunt of the pandemic and the stricter quarantine classifications. They put food items initially to help people put something on their plates.

This initiative quickly gains traction on social media sites like Facebook. Support poured, many people benefited. From one community pantry, hundreds more follow in the coming days. Many were inspired to follow through the noble cause of helping one another get through the day.

In May 2021, the ASCOT Community put up its community pantry. A long table at the entrance of the General Education Building in Zabali Campus served as the drop-off and pick-up point. The target beneficiaries of the community pantry are employees and students near the vicinity of the school. Donations flowed, food packs were plenty. People practiced only taking what they need. Some also gave what they are capable of giving.

As of this writing, the community pantry is still open.