ASCOT officials, led by RB J. Gallego, VP for Academic Affairs, were joined by the ASCOT team, including Annie B. Capin, Quality Assurance Director; Maria Cristina B. Canada, Director of Research and Development Services; Maria Cezil L. Molina, Director of Planning; Don Sean Arvie V. Buencamino, Director of DIDOL; and Jason M. Dukha, Information Systems Analyst I. They recently participated in the 3rd Phase of the Designing Citizen-Centered Public Services Program – Project Incubation. The workshop, held from March 16-19, 2023, aimed to nurture and support innovative ideas and develop practical solutions that address specific challenges or enhance existing processes.

During the workshop, the ASCOT team worked closely with mentors and experts to refine their ideas, develop prototypes, and test their solutions in real-world settings. They presented the ASCOT prototype project, the 1stop 1step pre-enrollment system, which allows students to enroll online. With this innovation, ASCOT Team has been recognized as Silent but Deadly Team which means that they already presented and provided a high fidelity prototype during the 3rd phase of the workshop. On the other hand, Mr. Don Sean Arvie V. Buencamino was recognized as MVP at the conclusion of the workshop.

The Project Incubation phase focuses on transforming promising ideas into tangible solutions to improve the quality, accessibility, and responsiveness of public services. Successful projects may proceed to the next phase for scaling up and mainstream implementation across the public sector.

Photos courtesy of Annie Capin and RB J. Gallego