April 4, 2024- ASCOT’s School of Education (SoEd) organized a seminar workshop on “Innovative Approaches to Lesson Planning: Designing Engaging and Effective Learning Experiences” at the Accreditation Hall, ASCOT General Education Building. The objective was to provide ASCOT’s third-year Bachelor of Elementary Education students with progressive strategies for crafting dynamic lesson plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of today’s learners.

Ms. Rosalind P. de Mesa, Division Education Program Supervisor at DepEd Aurora, served as the resource speaker. The seminar-workshop covered various aspects of innovative lesson planning, including an overview of the observation tool outlined in DepEd Order No. 42, s. 2016, which offers a framework for effective lesson design. Participants engaged in interactive activities aimed at fostering creativity and critical thinking in lesson development, ensuring that learning experiences are stimulating and impactful.

Expressing gratitude, Kaysha Garcia, a third-year BEED student, stated, “I am thankful to Ma’am Rosalind De Mesa for sharing her knowledge because I know that this will help us to become successful in the teaching and learning process someday. We aim to create a positive learning environment to inspire our learners to actively participate and facilitate their personal growth.”

In his message, SoEd Dean Rowel G. Olila, PhD, emphasized, “Teaching and learning is a process. Teaching without preparing students for this process is futile. It takes a passionate teacher to design a lesson that will ignite motivation to learn.”

The said seminar workshop is part of the Special Topic Course facilitated by faculty, Ma’am Marjorie Ruzol, SoEd Instructor.