This pandemic has made it more difficult for some students to keep up with their academics. Since face-to-face classes are prohibited, the faculty had to use a different learning modality. For the ASCOT Senior High School, they used modular learning. Students who have phones, laptops, and stable internet connections choose to have their modules uploaded via messenger, thus digital modular. Those who have no phones, have no signal, and are for far-flung areas were given printed modules.

The senior high school faculty have observed that some students were having difficulty keeping up with the lessons. Some were late in submitting, while others only answered the parts that have answer keys. Every adviser checks on their students. Since the first semester was about to end, the faculty decided to conduct home visitations. The home visitation has dual purposes: (1) find out why some are not complying; and (2) give certificates of recognition to those who made it to the honor roll.

Students of ASCOT SHS are from across the eight municipalities of Aurora. Some are even from nearby provinces. The faculty decided to visit Central Aurora only due to the limited time and resources. Each adviser called the students not from Central Aurora to update them on their academic standings.

Day 01: Sitio Dikaloyungan, Sitio Castillo, and Sitio Cemento. They visited these areas first because it was the closest to ASCOT Zabali. The faculty rode on tricycles and motorcycles. They took time to talk to the students with their parents to express their concerns. The faculty even had to cross a river to reach their students living on the other side. They started at around 2 pm and ended at around 5:30 pm.

Day 02: Baler and San Luis. The faculty met at the ASCOT terminal at the Baler Public Market. They rode the ASCOT van for days 02 and 03. They visited Pingit, Sitio Baclaran, Poblacion 1-4, Sabang, Buhangin Suklayin, Hiwalayan, San Isidro, Zarah, Sitio Pulo, L. Pimentel, and Sitio Kamalatan. From 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, the faculty tirelessly converse with parents and students to let them know how they are doing in their academics. Students who are not coping well during this pandemic visited the guidance counselor.

Day 03: Reserva and Dipaculao. The faculty again met at the Public Market. They prepared for the long ride because they have students residing as far as Barangay Dianed in Dipaculao. They gave certificates to those who made it to the honor roll. Also, they talked to students who are not complying.

All the students who had difficulty complying with the requirements had a reasonable one-week extension to comply. The faculty understands the plight of their students.

The students who got on the honor roll were surprised and thankful. They promised to do better. Some even said that they study well to strive to be awarded “with highest honors” this second semester. The faculty witnessed delighted parents as they embrace their achiever children.

The ASCOT SHS principal, Sir Alfredo C. Padios Jr. lead the team in their home visitation. Health protocols were followed before, during, and after each home visitation.