February is declared as the National Arts Month as per Presidential Proclamation no. 683. In line with the national celebration, Senior High School (SHS) students of the Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT) have performed 7 meaningful one act plays for the course Culminating Activity through the initiative of Mr. John Claufer Malapitan, Coordinator, SHS Culture and Arts. The course is designed to integrate the students’ knowledge in different learning areas by conducting a production or an exhibition. The culminating activity of the ABM, STEM, HUMSS, and GAS was successfully concluded last February 20-21, 2020 at the ASCOT Gymnasium after a month of rigorous rehearsals. They were able to showcase their one act play and gave their audience a spectacular performance in their own rendition of the play assigned to them.

A mock production was held on January 13-14, 2020 to prepare every section in conducting an all-out production for the course. Every section was given the task to write and perform an original short and sweet play that tackles relevant issues. After the mock-up, the scripts were distributed to give them ample time to memorize their scripts. The selection of their one act play was done in draw-lots.

On February 20, open house started at 9:00 am. 12 GAS B1 was the first production of the day. Their production show was entitled Pasko ng Pag-asa’t Daing. The production was directed by Mr. Rome Matthew Cruz.The show is all about a family who have surmounted their issues on the Christmas Eve. The second show was produced by 12 STEM B1 with their take in the play entitled Three Sisters: Isang Noh. It was directed by Ms. Christine Gail Dalit. The play is all about 6 fallen soldiers who had no idea that they are already dead. At 1:00pm, 12 STEM B2 have prepared the stage for their own interpretation of Ang Pagliiltis ni Mang Serapio through the direction of Mr. John Lloyd A. Calungsod. The play is all about how justice is served to those who cannot afford a good quality of life. Mang Serapio was accused of tending a child which is a serious violation to the law of the “Federacion” (Beggar’s Federation). The last show of the day was produced by 12 ABM. Their one act play was entitled Teroristang Labandera which was directed by Ms. Sarah Resureccion. It is all about the materialism culture. A Chinese-Filipino family had a tough time dealing with complaints of their laundry maid (Manang Mer), who was working for the family for 25 years already.

On February 21, the second day of culminating activity, 12 HUMSS B1 opened the show with their interpretation of Pamantang Hirang: Sa dilim man, through the direction of Ms. Christine Anne De Luna. The story revolved in the story of two old college buddies with unfinished dramas. The next show was presented by 12 HUMSS B2 with their play Ang Obra ni Maestra which was directed by Mr. Johnver Bautista. The story is all about three superheroes who’s on the verge of quitting. The three protagonists are encountering the same dilemma. The last featured play was showcased by 12 GAS B2 with their own interpretation of Ang Paglilitis ni Mang Serapio, derected by Ms. Pauline Friginal. The play is all about how justice is served to those who cannot afford a good quality of life. – Rona Jane Cacanindin