It is undeniable that this year has been extra challenging for everyone. It is almost like there are unfortunate events every month on top of the pandemic i.e. volcanic eruptions, typhoons, wild fires, social and political unrest, and the like. It is not the 2020 vision that we hoped for at the start of the year.

In the Philippines, the lockdown and community quarantine imposed on March 15 has been extended and as of this writing we are in day 179. We have the longest lockdown but Covid19 cases are still rising. It has affected the operation of several institutions.

Classes have been suspended since March and educational institutions have been trying their best to cope with this. The initial start of classes has been moved from June to August and now to October. This is to give everyone time to prepare for flexible learning. After all, the traditional face to face mode of learning would not be back anytime soon, unless of course a vaccine is developed or the virus suddenly disappears.

The Aurora State College of Technology Senior High School Program recognizes the challenges that the pandemic has on the continuation of learning of the last batch of ASCOT SHS students. As early as June, the principal, Mr. Alfredo C. Padios, Jr. together with the faculty have been planning for the learning continuity amidst the pandemic. Seminar workshops on how to effectively and efficiently write modules was conducted. Module writing started after. The instructors were closely communicating with their students to know the amenable learning set up to their context.

ASCOT SHS Program has 262 enrollees for this school year. They are all coming from different municipalities. Below is the data from the enrollment. – Janna Martha Lopez