As part of the College’s aim to comply with the Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) requirements in granting a Certificate of Program Compliance (COPC) to its courses and programs offered, the Aurora State College of Technology’s (ASCOT) School of Engineering procured 35 million pesos worth of equipment to be used by its students in their laboratory classes to ensure more hands-on learning that is at par with the state-of-the-art standards.

The equipment purchased that will be put into the School’s laboratories includes a universal testing machine, geotechnical engineering equipment and apparatus, construction material testing apparatus (flexural testing machine, sieve shaker with frequency and time adjustment, set sieves, beam mold, curing tank, and heater), and hydraulic laboratory equipment (tilting flume apparatus). It also includes a mini steam powerplant, which is worth 10 million pesos worth of equipment procured from the CHED’s Institutional Development and Innovation Grants (IDIG).

In an interview, the School of Engineering’s Dean, Amarlo A. Banania, PhD, said that this project is worth a total of 35 million pesos, and the process started during former Dean, Engr. Oscar Barawid, Jr.’s term with 26 million pesos of budget for the School’s three programs, including Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering.

“Hindi matatawaran ang lahat ng sakripisyo na ginagawa ng ASCOT para sa kapakanan ng mga estudyante dito sa Aurora. Handa na ang mga estudyante ngayon para sa kanilang susunod na journey. Kaya nila makipagsabayan sa ibang mga universities kasi, hawak na natin lahat ng mga kinakailangan na instruments. Sana makatulong ito sa mga students na makapasa sa mga board exams ng 100%. ‘Yung tagumpay nila ay tagumpay nating lahat,” Dean Banania added.