January 26, 2024, ASCOT Gymnasium- the Aurora State College of Technology (ASCOT), honored its employees for their loyalty and exceptional contributions.

Vice President Michelle A. Resueno, also an awardee, initiated the event with an opening remark, expressing gratitude for the dedication within the ASCOT family. Dr. Gerardo S. Rillon, Chief Administrative Officer, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the celebration of fun and happiness.

The event featured Loyalty Awardees recognized by Ms. Lora L. Yusi, DPA OIC, College President, alongside For. Michelle Resueno, and OIC Human Resource Management Unit, Julie G. Friginal. Notable awardees include:

10 years in service:
Alfredo C. Padios, Jr., Glenda M. Nad, and Jay M. Amon

15 years in service:
Amarlo A. Banania, Conrad P. Mendizabal, Malou C. Angara, and Nerissa P. Alcantara

25 years in service:
Danilo A. Padua, Edwin R. De Leon, and Michelle A. Resueno

Former ASCOT President Dr. Eutiquio L. Rotaquio, Jr., received a 20-year service award for 2022, emphasizing the importance of constant innovation and connection in his inspiring message.

A touching moment occurred as Joshua D. Dela Cruz received the title of “Best Employee of the Year” for 2023, expressing gratitude and acknowledging the collective success of the ASCOT community.

The afternoon was marked by joy and camaraderie as colleagues, friends, and family celebrated the achievements of these outstanding individuals. The ASCOT community eagerly anticipates more years of shared accomplishments and success.