The world is facing unprecedented times with the rapid and global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools, businesses and recreation are cancelled. So one of the preparation for the new normal set-up, ASCOT through the initiative of the Director of Extension and Training Services, Mr. Ricardo Gonzales, Jr., and Director of Information and Communication Technology Center, Mr. Godfrey Gudoy, conducted a teleconferencing seminar for E-Learning using Zoom Application for Faculty and Staff. The event started May 20, 2020 and runs up to June 5, 2020 at the three campuses of ASCOT.

The teleconferencing will be participated by the faculty and staff of ASCOT. To accomodate all the participants and to observed physical distancing, the event is scheduled on a daily basis having a maximum of ten participants in every morning and afternoon session.

The event aims to equipped participants with technical know-how and expertise for the use of the Online Zoom Application for conducting meetings, lectures and classes. Also, to prepare faculty and staff for the “new normal” set-up and to follow the rule of safe physical distancing, to know the benefits of using Zoom Application and E-Learning especially in this time of pandemic, to use Zoom Application and E-Learning modules strategies, to familiarize and be equipped in using Zoom Application and E-Learning strategies and to sustain and improve the productivity of women even in pandemic times.

-Jane Rona Cacanindin