ASCOT officials, led by Dr. RB J. Gallego, VP for Academic Affairs, the ASCOT team included Annie B. Capin, Quality Assurance Director, Maria Cristina B. Cañada, Research and Development Services Office Director, Jason M. Dukha, Information Systems Analyst I, and Maria Cezil L. Molina, Director of the Planning Unit recently attended the Citizen-Centered Public Service Design workshop from April 24-28, 2023, held at the Development Academy of the Philippines Conference Center in Tagaytay City.

The workshop brought together various agencies from the National Government, Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations, and State Colleges and Universities.

This collaborative environment fostered knowledge sharing and innovative thinking.

During the opening day, Ms. Imelda C. Caluen, Managing Director of DAP Center for Governance, welcomed the participants and shared insights on the Philippine Development Plan for 2023-2028. She highlighted the significance of innovation in addressing challenges and delivering better citizen-centered public services. Throughout the next four days, participants engaged in various activities and workshops to find solutions to their identified innovation challenges.

The Citizen-Centered Public Service Design framework, developed by the Development Academy of the Philippines, served as the guiding principle throughout the workshop. This framework assists the public sector in designing and delivering services that are responsive to citizens’ needs and preferences. It emphasizes citizen engagement and co-creation in the design and delivery of public services, ultimately improving the quality of life for citizens and fostering public trust in government.

For ASCOT, the workshop presents a valuable step towards achieving university status by enabling the institution to create more effective, efficient, and user-friendly services that better meet the needs of students and stakeholders, ultimately contributing to the institution’s overall success.

Photos courtesy of DAP as APO Center of Excellence on Public Sector Productivity Official FB Page and Ms. Annie B. Capin