November 14, 2023- ASCOT received a Technology Package for its Composting Facility for Biodegradable Wastes (CFBW) from the Department of Agriculture through the Bureau of Soils and Water Management. The package includes key technologies, such as the Biomass Shredder Machine for efficient organic waste breakdown and the Rotary Composter, which creates optimal conditions for nutrient-rich compost.

Dr. RB J. Gallego, VPAA, and Dean of the School of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, highlighted the project’s significance, stating, ‘Funded through the initiative of Senator Cynthia Villar, this project includes training scheduled for January to ensure effective
equipment use and maintenance. The Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Soils and Water Management (DA-BSWM) is set to commence monitoring the facility’s operation in June 2024. Additionally, ASCOT is submitting a request for two more sets of the same equipment for our Bazal and Casiguran Campuses, with the total value of the equipment package estimated at 1 million pesos.’

This move reinforces ASCOT’s dedication to promoting organic agriculture in the Philippines, aligning with national goals. It positions ASCOT as a role model for sustainable waste management, emphasizing environmental sustainability and contributing to a healthier community.
Photo credits to Ms. Via Pagkaliwanggan